Els músics de Bremen

A show featuring dancing and puppets, a classic of the Petit Liceu

This classical tale by the Grimm brothers tells the story of farm animals who rebel against their cruel owners and use sharp wits and teamwork to escape from their ordeal.

A show featuring dancing and puppets, enhanced by friendship, movement and colour galore, which is performed by four dancers, a narrator and a clarinettist.

Set to original music by Poire Valvé, it includes a scene in which the young audience joins in the song “Cap a Bremen” (“Off to Bremen”).

This title is another firm favourite and has been seen by thousands of children and their families every season since it first appeared on the Petit Liceu bill in 2007

Recommended for ages 3 and up​.

  • Approximate running time 55min

Artistic profile

Poire Vallvé
Stage director and playwright
Joan-Andreu Vallvé
Marta Almirall
Choreography assistant
Anna Planas
Gran Teatre del Liceu


ActressAnna Briansó / Marta Rosell
MusicianNaüm Monterde / Dani Arias
DonkeyRicard Fernández / Marc Lapuerta
DogMariona Camèlia / Marc Lapuerta
CatLaura Ruiz / Cristina Miralles
RoosterCristina Miralles / Mariona Camèlia

November 2022


Information of Interest

Per preparar l'espectacle

Abans de venir a Els músics de Bremen, podeu fer que aprenguin la cançó "Cap a Bremen" i que en gaudeixin cantant-la amb els músics durant l'espectacle. 

Liceu+   Proposta educativa