The Liceu is either social, or it will not be

The Gran Teatre del Liceu Social Project would like to offer an answer to the mission drafted by the Liceu gathered in the statutes of the Foundation that is based on "... promote and execute all the activities that revert in the promotion and empowerment of culture in general and more specifically opera ...”

It also attempts to respond to one of the bases on which the Strategic and Viability Plan 2014-2017 was based: "The Liceu is either social, or it will not be" and "The Liceu must return to society, what society gives to Liceu” aiming at the motto "We are all Liceu or the Liceu is us".

With these objectives, the new project has reviewed and reorganized many of the ongoing activities. It also includes many new activities developed in the last three years, or some which are about to be implemented.

The Liceu presents this new structure, once verified the results expected when they started the Social Project three years ago.