The Benefactors program, with its various categories of collaboration, is a formula of support aimed at natural persons that with its philanthropic contribution would help to make reality the Liceu’s objectives and its artistic season.

During the 175 years of history, your appreciation for the Liceu has been a fundamental commitment and a legacy that has been transmitted over the years and cannot be stopped.

Now, it is necessary to continue where we left off and for this reason the collaboration of all those who love the Liceu is essential. Because, until now you have been essential but now you are, also, necessary.

That is why we ask you to become a Benefactor, be part of the patron of the Teatre and enjoy the advantages that the Liceu offers you.

Your commitment makes the difference!

Contact us and we make you discover the option best adapt to your needs.

Thank you for make it possible

Thank you for making it possible

Carlos Abril

Salvador Alemany

Fernando Aleu

José Aljaro

Lidia Arcos

Josep Balcells

Joaquim Barraquer

David Barroso

Núria Basi

Manuel Bertran Mariné

Manuel Bertrand Vergés

Agustí Bou

Josep Mª Bové

Carmen Buqueras

Cucha Cabané

Jordi Calonge

Joan Camprubí

Montserrat Cardelús

Ramon Centelles

Guzmán Clavel

Maria Dolors i Francesc

Francisco Egea

Joan Esquirol

Magda Ferrer-Dalmau

Mercedes Fuster

José Gabeiras

José Luis Galí

Jorge Gallardo

Pau Gasol

Francisco Gaudier

Lluís Mª Ginjaume

Ezequiel Giró

Enric Girona 

Andrea Gömöry

Casimiro Gracia

Jaume Graell

Francisco A. Granero

Pere Grau

Calamanda Grifoll

Francesca Guardiola

Maria Guasch

Pepita Izquierdo

Gabriel Jené

Sofia Lluch

Ma. Teresa Machado

Rocio Maestre

Jaume Mercant

Josep Milian

José M. Mohedano

Juan Molina-Martell

Joan Molins

Josep Ignasi Molins

Josep Oliu

M. Carmen Pous

Francisco Reynés

Miquel Roca

Pedro Roca-Cusachs

Josep Sabé

Francisco Salamero

Lluís Sans

Maria Soldevila

Jordi Soler

Karen Swenson

Manuel Terrazo

August Torà

Ernestina Torelló

Ana Torredemer

Joan Uriach

Marta Uriach

Manuel Valderrama

Josep Viader

Anna Vicens

Josep Vilarasau

Maria Vilardell †

Salvador Viñas

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