Tenure of subscriptions

Regular Seat Subscriptions are classified by years of tenure. This refers to the number of seasons during which the subscription has been maintained without interruption. 

Subscriptions are classified into 4 categories based on the years of tenure: 

Liceu 3 0 - 3 years
Liceu 10 4 - 10 years
Liceu 20  11- 20 years
Liceu Club Over 20 years

Length of tenure is calculated with regard to a particular subscription. If a subscriber holds more than one subscription, each may have a different length of tenure. 

Length of tenure increases year by year for both Regular Seat and Flexible Subscriptions. However, in the 2018/19 season, there is no loyalty discount on Flexible Subscriptions. 

A subscription's length of tenure is not affected by changes of seat, zone or series, provided the change does not affect other subscribers or oblige them to change seats. However, length of tenure is affected if the subscription is transferred to a different holder (close relatives are the only exception: spouse, son/ daughter, father/mother, or brother/sister). 

The reference date for calculating length of tenure is 1 January 2018. 

Loyalty discounts

These aim to reward subscriber loyalty. Subscriptions are classified by years of tenure: the longer a subscription has been held without interruption from its original date of purchase, the larger the discount. 

Only Regular Seat Subscriptions are eligible for these discounts. They are applied to the retail price of the subscription in accordance with the following classification: 

Liceu 3 1 year 8%
  2 years 10%
  3 years 12%
Liceu 10 4 to 10 years 15%
Liceu 20 11 to 20 years 18%
Liceu Club Over 20 years 20%

Only private individuals, non-pro t organizations, organizations in the public interest, and government bodies are entitled to loyalty discounts. 

Loyalty discounts apply to subscriptions and are unrelated to the number of years a person or organization may have been a subscriber. Thus if the same subscriber has purchased subscriptions at different dates, the appropriate discount will be applied to each one, depending on the original date of purchase. 

It is not possible to combine different discounts unless specifically stated. 

Special offers may occasionally be announced for particular new subscription formulas.

Discounts are for this season only and do not necessarily apply to future seasons.