Organizational and preventive measures COVID-19

All visitors, during their stay at the Liceu, must comply and respect the organizational and preventive measures established by the Theater to prevent the spread of covid-19.

Main organizational and preventive measures established by the theater to make the opera theater a clean and safe space free of viruses.

  • Mandatory use of face masks inside the theater facilities.

  • Hydro alcoholic gel dispensers will be installed in the main entrances and other areas of the theater to facilitate hand hygiene.

  • Thermo-monitored area. Body temperature will be taken to every visitor to the Theater. It will not be possible to access in case of a temperature equal to or higher than 37.5 degrees (the temperature limit may vary depending on the indications of the competent health authorities). This preventive measure complies with the obligations established by health regulations, occupational risk prevention and protection of personal data. The only personal data that is processed is the body temperature, which is automatically deleted once verified.

  • Please follow the movement circuits inside the theater to avoid crowds at intersections and points of greatest influx, as well as on the established access and exit routes.

  • Please follow the signs for disabled seats. Capacity will be reduced according to the authorities.

  • Whenever possible, please respect the safety distance of 1.5 meters.

  • Access to the Theater will be done in a staggered manner following the indications given by the Theater prior to the date of the show through the web and/or email. The exit of the audience will also be carried out in a staggered manner by zones and/or rows following the indications of the Theater.

  • Use of elevators: their use will be limited to the bare minimum and the stairs will be used preferably. When it is necessary to use them, the maximum occupancy will be of two people or the one determined by regulations.

  • In order to fulfill the duty of protection to prevent COVID-19, you shouldn’t be attending the Theater in case of presenting symptoms compatible with the disease or in case of having been in direct contact with a sick person.

  • To ensure the ventilation of the building, air renewal will be maintained 24 hours a day.

  • Used facilities will be daily disinfected with ozone machines.