With the aim of making the Liceu a cultural event accessible to all, the theatre wants to enhance the comprehension, readability and legibility of written materials. To this aim Liceu has adapted written texts in: content, language and form to international guidelines for easy reading. For this reason, since the 2015/16 season, a plot synopsis has been included on the theater website (in Catalan and Spanish) for all staged operas so that all people can benefit especially persons with learning, sensory or intellectual disabilities, and dyslexia. Also for children, elderly people, people with aphasia, foreign people...

Easy to read standards are also used on any theatre public space sign. These have been adapted to improve legibility (size of the signs, type and size of letters and spellings, contrasted colors, non-bright surfaces, height of posters, location, content, languages). Currently in Catalonia there are 117,416 people with sensory and intellectual disabilities.

Plot synopsis available