Liceu Exhibitions

The Gran Teatre del Liceu has given a particular slant to this season in order to reflect on the topic of obsession, the mental distress we feel when some particular fixation assails us. For visual artists, obsession is a persistent impulse, the fascination of exploring previously untrodden paths, and is directly related to the emotion we feel when we interpret the world in the light of our own individual mindset.

This series of exhibitions is devoted to this form of artistic anguish, this open wound that never heals, this torment which can only be alleviated by compulsive creativity.

In the words of Louise Bourgeois: "Art is a guarantee of sanity".

© Paco AmateFrom October 20 to November 11, 2020
Foyer Balcony - Paco Amate (Pig Studio), Photographer
The well-known photographer will show shots of the 2020/2021 season at the Gran Teatre del Liceu. A personal, dream-like work in a rich variety of textures.

From November 19 to December 20, 2020
Foyer Balcony - Josep Maria Riera i Aragó, Visual artist
Sketches done by Riera i Aragó to illustrate the book dedicated the current opera season and published by the association Amics del Liceu. The iconography of obsession: machines and devices with totemic properties.

Dialogue with Absence, 2009 Installation: dress, red wool Kenji TakiGallery, Tokyo, Japan Photo by Sunhi Mang © VEGAP, Madrid, 2020 and the artistFrom January 12 to February 24, 2021
Mirror Room -Chiharu Shiota, Artista visual
Installations by the Japanese artist which generate individual spaces. An immersive experience created with threads which operates as a striking metaphor of the connections between human beings, different forms of communication and the emotions.

Spider (© Louise Borgeois)From February 26 to April 15, 2021
Mirror Room - Louise Bourgeois, Escultora
Spider, on loan from the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía) Bourgeois possessed unrivalled psychological perspicacity and was one of the first women to bring feminism into art. In the company of one of her famous spiders, we explore the attributes of work, protection, self-defence and fragility.

From April 22 to June 30, 2021
Foyer Balcony - Laia Abril, Photographer
Laia Abril's view of the world highlights the eternal penance imposed on women in a male-dominated world while casting an unembarrassed look at certain unfathomable depths of human behaviour.