Liceu a la fresca

What is needed to do to bring Open Liceu to my town?

• A screen where to project
• Connection to TVC broadcast signal Channel 33
• Projector
• Speakers
• Chairs
• Security (if needed, it depends of the place where it will be organised)

What features should have the screen?

It depends on the place where it will be organised and the number of seats available.

How can I have access to the TVC channel 33? How to establish the connection?

Connect to the TV signal as you do at home, and connect the signal to the projector.

Use an adaptor if the projector doesn’t have input port for the aerial.

At what time does the show start?

At 10pm.

Is the show live?

It is a false live, that is the opera has been recorded, but is the same performance as it is on offer at the Liceu.

How long it lasts?

Two hours and 25 minutes, with a five-minute break.

Quina durada té?

L´òpera dura aproximadament 3h 10m amb una pausa d’uns 5 minuts