Initiation to opera

The PE series of performances is an “Initiation to Opera” Budget Subscription. 

It is made up of performances specially selected to provide an introduction to opera. It can be tailored to individual needs: subscribers can opt out of one show and receive a full refund. The number of shows included each year may vary from 3 to 5. 

This series offers the same benefits as other Budget Subscriptions. The retail price is calculated by applying a discount to the total price of the tickets included if they were bought one by one.* 

The discount is generally 15%, as for Standard Budget Subscriptions, but may be larger for specific groups: 

Young People

Up to 18 years of age 50% discount
Up to 24 years of age 35% discount
Up to 29 years of age 25% discount 


Holders of the Targeta Rosa (senior travel card offering free or reduced tickets) issued by Barcelona City Council or Barcelona Metropolitan Area (AMB) 30% discount
Retired persons living outside the AMB 

To qualify for this discount, the subscription must be purchased at the Box Of ce and the relevant ID must be shown. 

These discounts are for this season only and do not necessarily apply to future seasons. Thus they do not extend beyond the 2018/19 season and must be applied for again in successive seasons, if offered. The conditions and amount of the discounts may vary in future seasons. 

© David Ruano

Since PE Initiation series subscriptions offer greater discounts than other subscriptions, they are personal and non-transferable. Any infringement of this rule will result
in the immediate cancellation of the subscription. No compensation or refund can be claimed from the Liceu and the subscriber concerned will be barred from enjoying any similar benefits for at least ve years. 

Subscribers must show their subscription card and ID to Liceu staff if asked to do so. 

Performances included in the subscription can be exchanged for a different date. 

If performances included in subscriptions that offer a discount lower than the standard discount are exchanged for a different date, the subscriber must pay the difference between the cost of the original subscription performance and that of the new performance. The standard 15% discount will however be applied to the price of the new performance. 

Special discounts for particular groups may be applied to performances included in this series with a view to attracting new audiences to opera. 

(*) Percentages are approximate since the prices have been rounded off.