Liceu Plus


Liceu+ LIVE is the audiovisual platform of the Liceu where all content related to our artistic activities and the theater's current events is available: 

  • Videos and podcasts about the season's shows. 
  • Interviews. 
  • Live presentations.
  • Historical moments.
  • Content about social and educational projects, and much more. 

All content is free, although some require pre-registration to view and can be watched on a PC, tablet, or smart TV equipped with Chromecast or AirPlay by casting the content from a mobile/tablet.

Liceu+ LIVE is born to promote opera culture among people, as we understand culture and art as transformative elements of society.

Liceu+ LIVE aims to make opera and art accessible to everyone by eliminating barriers and distances of all kinds.

Liceu+ LIVE aims to foster the critical spirit that arises from the relationship we establish with artistic, creative, and innovative pieces.