Materials and training

This develops the contents of the teaching guides that the Liceu produces for every show in the schools programme. Teachers who have booked school places can prepare the students with a range of resources taught by specialists with a view to the students making the most of their attendance at the Theatre.

Jornades de formació: El monstre al laberint

Information and registration for training sessions

The dates of the training sessions for each performance this season 2021-2022 are as follows:

  • La petita flauta màgica: Wednesday, October 6.
  • Trencanous-jazz: Thursday, October 28.
  • La Barcarola: Thursday, November 4.
  • Els músics de Bremen: Monday, November 15.
  • El Conte de Nadal: Thursday, November 18.
  • La cuina de Rossini: Thursday, January 13.
  • El monstre al laberint: Thursday, January 20.
  • Miralls: Thursday, February 3.
  • IT Dansa: Wednesday, April 20.