Finalistic projects

Every season we propose new projects and we continue to develop consolidated projects that strength our purposes related to artistic quality, educative and social area, and broadcast and impact of opera. A value proposals that allow to build a relationship according to your needs and goals.


Liceu in the territory

Approaching the opera and the Liceu’s at the main number of citizens. Speeches around the country and the possibility of attending a performance at the Liceu. 

Liceu a la Fresca

A project of territoriality and accessibility to new audiences. Opera approaches everywhere thanks to new technologies so we could all enjoy. 

A Night at the Opera

An exclusive way to celebrate a brand event.

El Petit Liceu

A programme with its own hallmark targeted to children and young from the school and family context.

Audiovisual project

To ensure the perpetuation of the artistic quality of the Theatre and its international prestige: recordings, opera at cinema and technological innovation. 


From all the operatic season to a specific title, with your support you make possible its staging and an artistic quality based on excellence. 


The season’s dance shaped by renowned companies needs, as well, your support to continue bringing unique shows. 

Chorus and Orchestra Tour

A different way to contribute on the artistic excellence of these permanent staff of the Theatre all favouring to theirs repertoire’s increase, at the same time, they approach the Liceu to other towns.

School visits

The access at culture, from a first stage and in the course of the school cycle, is a key factor for the personal development and to foster their artistic sensitivity. 

The Sponsorship and Patronage Department of the Theatre is at your entire disposal and invites you to discover the Liceu and the Finalistic Corporate Sponsorship Programme:

Sponsorship and Patronage Department

(34) 93 485 86 31