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These are the traditional Liceu subscriptions. They are made up of series of performances, most of which take place on the same days of the week. Subscribers occupy the same seat at all subscription performances. 

They can choose between three types of subscription, depending on the number of performances included: 

Full Season Subscriptions 11 performances
Partial Subscriptions 7 performances
Budget Subscriptions 3-5 performances 

To adapt both Full Season and Partial Subscriptions to everyone's taste and budget, holders can opt out of two performances of any type (opera, dance, concert or recital). Holders of Budget Subscriptions can opt out of one title. 

In all such cases the full cost of the subscription ticket will be discounted. 

The retail price of these subscriptions is calculated by applying a discount to the total price of the tickets included if they were bought one by one.* 

Full season 4% discount
Partial 2% discount
Budget Standard 15% discount
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In addition, extra discounts for loyalty, ranging from 8% to 20%, are applied to these subscriptions according to length of tenure**. 

These subscriptions are automatically renewed so that subscribers can keep the same seat, though they can also request a different seat during the period set aside for changes to subscriptions. 

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(*) Percentages are approximate since the prices have been rounded off.
(**) These discounts are calculated on the retail subscription price. They cannot be combined with other discounts. Percentages are approximate since the prices have been rounded off.