An opera to mark Shakespeare year in a spectacular and surrealistic production

Scotland. Macbeth listens as the mysterious witches foretell that he will become king of Scotland. When his wife finds out, she persuades him to murder the present king and take his place. The witches' predictions drive Macbeth to treat both friends and rivals with brutality until, alone and furious, he faces the final battle and perishes.

Giuseppe Verdi venerated Shakespeare's plays and this was his first opera based on a text by the Bard. He wanted to achieve "something extraordinary", a phrase which sums up his his enthusiasm.

In this version, stage director Christof Loy chooses a classical, timeless setting and adds touches of surrealism. Black and white predominate and the drama is intense.


Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave. World premiere of the first version: 14/03/1847, Teatro della Pergola, Florence. Premiere of the second (French) version: 21/04/1865, Théâtre Lyrique, Paris. First staged in Barcelona: 01/07/1848, Liceu. Last Liceu performance: 05/04/2004. Total Liceu performances: 106.

Artistic profile

Director musical
Giampaolo Maria Bisanti
Stage director
Christof Loy
Jonas Dahlberg
Ursula Renzenbrink
Lighting designer
Brend Purkrabek
Grand Théâtre de Genève


MacbethLudovic Tézier7th,10th,13th,16th,20th,23th October
Luca Salsi8th,11th,14th,19th,22th October
BanquoVitalij Kowaljow7th,10th,16th,20th,23th October
Alessandro Guerzoni8th,11th,13th,14th,19th,22th October
Lady MacbethMartina Serafin7th,10th,13th,16th,20th,23th October
Tatiana Serjan8th,11th,14th,19th,22th October
DamaAnna Puche
MacduffSaimir Pirgu7th,10th,13th,16th,20th,23th October
Teodor Ilincai8th,11th,14th,19th,22th October
MalcolmAlbert Casals
DoctorDavid Sánchez
Servant, herald and assassinMarc Canturri

*October 23rd Teodor Ilincai sings the role of Macduff replacing Saimir Pirgu due to an indisposition.

October 2016

7Friday20:00Turn HFee 1
8Saturday20:00Turn CFee 4
10Monday20:00Turn AFee 4
11Tuesday20:00Turn PAFee 6
13Thursday20:00Turn BFee 2
14Friday20:00Turn EFee 6
16Sunday17:00Turn TFee 2
19Wednesday20:00Turn PEADFee 6
20Thursday20:00Turn DFee 3
22Saturday20:00Turn PBFee 6
23Sunday18:00Turn FFee 2

First Act 50m

Interval 30m

Second Act 30m

Interval 20m

Third Act 25m

Fourth Act 38m

Total Running Time 3h 20m

Information of Interest

Verdi's Macbeth at the Liceu

Performances of Verdi's Macbet in the history of the Gran Teatre del Liceu (in Spanish)


Amics del Liceu
Tuesday October 4th, 7.30pm
Chorus Rehearsal Room

by Miquel Peralta, professor at the Conservatori Victòria dels Àngels in Sant Cugat.


Catalunya Música October 13th, 8pm (live)

Live in cinemas in Spain and around the world, October 20th, 8pm (CET)