Plácido Domingo returns in an opera seldom seen at the Liceu

Egypt. Athanaël, a monk, wants to convert the courtesan Thaïs to Christianity. She tries to seduce him but he persists and manages to win her over. After leaving her in a nunnery, he realizes he loves her. Time goes by and Athanaël dreams that Thaïs is dying. He wakes up and rushes to the nunnery to find her on her death-bed. Thaïs thanks him for saving her soul and he confesses his love. But she dies in ecstasy, oblivious to his words.

One of Massenet's most frequently staged operas comes to the Liceu with a cast that includes Plácido Domingo. The tremendously difficult title role is accessible only to the most talented virtuoso singers.


Comédie lyrique in three acts. Libretto by Louis Gallet. World premiere: 16/03/1894, Opéra de Paris. First staged in Barcelona: 22/02/1905, Liceu. Last Liceu performance: 08/07/2007 (concert version). Total Liceu performances: 34.

Artistic profile

Director musical
Patrick Fournillier
Orquestra Simfònica i Cor del Gran Teatre del Liceu
Director of the Chorus
Conxita Garcia


AthanaëlPlácido Domingo
NiciasCelso Albelo
PalémonDamián del Castillo
A servantMarc Pujol
ThaïsNino Machaidze
CrobyleSara Blanch*
MyrtaleMarifé Nogales
AlbineMaría José Suárez
La CharmeuseMercedes Arcuri

* Winner of the 2016 Francisco Viñas Sing Contest.

March 2017

1Wednesday20:00Turn DFee 5
4Saturday20:00Turn EFee 5

First Act 45m
Second Act 45m
Interval 30m
Third Act 40m

Total Running Time 2h 45m