Manon Lescaut


Passion, pleasure and regret in a story about contradictions and sacrifices

Inspired by the eponymous novel by the Abbé Prévost, Puccini achieved his first major success with Manon Lescaut. The story of the rise and fall of the courtesan Manon was written with captivating music, true to the principles of verism and with the right amount of heart rendering emotion in passages such as the famous aria “Sola, perduta, abbandonata” of act four.

Two acclaimed tenors share the role of Des Grieux, America’s Gregory Kunde and Spain’s Jorge de León. They are joined by two internationally reputed sopranos in the leading role, the Ukraine’s Ludmyla Monastyrska and Italy’s Maria Pia Piscitelli.

The Liceu welcomes a new coproduction between the Liceu, the Palau de les Arts in Valencia and the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. The action takes place in the context of early 20th century immigration with the memory of Ellis Island as the background.

Manon Lescaut

Dramma lirico in four acts. Libretto by Domenico Oliva and Luigi Illica. Worl premiere: 01/02/1893, Teatro Regio of Torino. First staged in Barcelona: 05/04/1896, Liceu. Last Liceu performance: 08/01/2007. Liceu total performances: 60.

Artistic profile

Emmanuele Villaume
Stage director and set designer
Davide Livermore
Costume designer
Giusi Giustino
Lighting designer
Antonio Jesús Castro
Gran Teatre del Liceu, Teatro di San Carlo (Naples) and Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía (Valencia)
Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Liceu Opera Barcelona
Director of the Chorus
Conxita Garcia


Manon LescautLudmyla Monastyrska7th,10th,13th,16th,19th,21th June
Maria Pia Piscitelli8th,11th,14th,17th,20th,22th June
LescautDavid Bizic7th,10th,13th,16th,19th,21th June
Jared Bybee8th,11th,14th,17th,20th,22th June
Renato Des GrieuxGregory Kunde7th,10th,13th,16th,19th,21th June
Jorge de León8th,11th,14th,17th June
Rafael Davila20th,22th June
Geronte di RavoirCarlos Chausson
EdmondoMikeldi Atxalandabaso
The innkeeperMarc Pujol
SingerCarol Garcia
Dance MasterJosé Manuel Zapata
Naval CaptainStefano Palatchi

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June 2018

7Thursday20:00Turn BFee 4
8Friday20:00Turn PBFee 4
10Sunday17:00Turn TFee 4
11Monday20:00Turn PCFee 6
13Wednesday20:00Turn HFee 5
14Thursday20:00Turn PEFee 6
16Saturday20:00Turn CFee 4
17Sunday18:00Turn PDFee 4
19Tuesday20:00Turn AFee 4
20Wednesday20:00Turn PAFee 5
21Thursday20:00Turn DADFee 4
22Friday20:00Turn EFee 4

First act 37m
Pause 7m
Second Act 40m
Interval 30m
Third Act 20m
Pause 5m
Fourth Act 22m

Approximate running time 2h 45m

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Saturday 2 June 2018
7.30pm - Chorus Room
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Reasons why you need to see Manon Lescaut

  1. Puccini’s first great success and his first mature opera revisits the Liceu with an impressive cast.
  2. The rise and fall of ill-starred Manon Lescaut, in a new coproduction.
  3. Set in the 18th century, written in the direct, realistic language of verism.