An exciting outburst of energy from the young dancers of the IT dansa troupe.

Kaash is pure dance, performed to music based largely on tribal percussion, a show that transports us to the erce vigour of India, via Hindu gods, black holes, creation, and destruction.

Are people aware of all those tiny acts that can change their lives without their realizing it? It is those same tiny acts that make us what we are or what we want to be. Ballerina Lorena Nogal trained at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona and with the troupe IT Dansa.

WHIM Fractured Fairytale
Whim is a work on how to stay sane externally even when we are on the brink of madness inside. Ekman invites us to set out on a journey towards human emotions through a variety of situations inspired by real life.

Artistic profile

May 2019

19Sunday11:00Fee 14
25Saturday12:00Fee 14

Kaash 24m
The Prom 17m
In Memoriam 13m
Whim 23m

Approximate running time 1h 30m