Patricia Racette plays Kátya, a woman who seeks freedom at any price in a society bent on controlling others

In Kátya Kabanová, Leoš Janáček remains faithful to his precise, concise style. It is one of his grimmest titles, yet few works portray more successfully a woman's determination to be free. The microcosm that centres on the destiny of Kátya (“Sometimes I dream I'm a bird”), who is cruelly mistreated by her mother-in-law Marfa ("Kabanicha"), itself reflects a macrocosm, that of the human condition, lucidly portrayed by Janáček in this his most pessimistic opera. David Alden offers us a striking spectacle. His artistic approach to this 20thcentury classic is based on a naturalistic exploration of the visual hallmarks of Soviet totalitarianism. The production delves deep into a dysfunctional, pathologically obsessed society, bent on exerting control over other human beings. American soprano Patricia Racette's versatility and varied repertory have made her one of today's great singers. She gives a benchmark interpretation of the title role in this masterly work.

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Kátya Kabanová

Opera in three acts. Libretto by Vincenc Cervinka. World premiere: 23/11/1921 at the National Theatre in Brno. First Barcelona performance: 01/02/1973 at the Gran Teatre del Liceu. Last Liceu performance: 27/03/2002. Number of Liceu performances: 9.

November 2018

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Approximate running time 1h 45m

Programa de mà

Si voleu saber més sobre una de les obres més sòrdides del compositor Leoš Janáček, llegiu l'article d´en Xavier Cester sobre Kàtia Kabànova. El director d'escena David Alden s'endinsa en el totalitarisme soviètic com a referent visual i hi trobareu extractes sobre la seva posada en escena. Al programa de mà, també podreu llegir l'entrevista realitzada al nostre director musical, Josep Pons, que aquest cop dirigeix l'Orquestra Simfònica del Liceu a través de la complicada partitura del compositor txec.

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Briefing session

Audience briefing session in the Foyer 45 minutes before the opera begins.

Reasons why you shouldn't miss Kátya Kabanová

  • One of the most outstanding 20th-century operas.
  • A grim portrait of a sick society.
  • A concise, direct musical idiom.
  • Kátya Kabanová embodies a woman's liberation from a hostile setting.
  • A hard-hitting theatrical show.