Casablancas, Argullol and Portaceli, their talents in the World première of this Catalan opera, conducted by Josep Pons

Lea, a creature who has belonged to God and exists to serve the divine pleasure (“pure instinct, crystalline sensuality”), lives in a place beyond time and cannot reveal her secret. The bearer of immortality, she is under surveillance from two monstrous beings who guarantee morality in opposition to individual freedom. This opera, the first composed by Benet Casablancas, to a text by writer Rafael Argullol, expresses the ideal that was the last of the Romantic Utopias: that of touching the Absolute. Josep Pons will head a team of experts in contemporary music who will tackle the challenging score, while Carme Portacelli, one of the finest contemporary stage directors, will be in charge of the mise-en-scène.

L'enigma di Lea

Opera in three parts. Text by Rafael Argullol. World premiere.

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February 2019

9Saturday18:00Turn FFee 4
10Sunday17:00Turn TFee 4
12Tuesday20:00Turn AFee 5
13Wednesday20:00Turn GFee 5

First act 40m
Second act 35m
Third act 30m

Approximate running time 1h 45m (without interval)

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Information of Interest

Briefing session

Audience briefing session in the Foyer 45 minutes before the opera begins.

Reasons why you shouldn't miss L'enigma di Lea

  • A 21st-century Catalan opera.
  • Philosophy and avant-garde music join forces on the Liceu's stage.
  • The first opera by Benet Casablancas.
  • The last Romantic Utopia.