Opera meets reality show in this intelligent, cuttingedge production starring John Osborn and Dmitry Korchak

This other great title by the composer of Carmen takes us from ancient Sri Lanka to a 21st-century reality show while encapsulating the fascination of the Far East. It returns to the Liceu in a brilliant production by the young stage director Lotte de Beer. Les pêcheurs de perles centers on a love triangle in a religious setting. This version makes an unquestionably modern reinterpretation of the plot while respecting the inherent subtext. The chorus is always present, symbolizing the transition from tolerance to violence in the ethereal atmosphere conjured up by George Bizet's distinctive and delicate yet exuberant score.

Les pêcheurs de perles

Opera in three acts. Libretto by Eugène Cormon and Michel Carré. World premiere: 30/09/1863 at the Théâtre-Lyrique in Paris. First Barcelona performance: 29/10/1887 at the Gran Teatre del Liceu. Last Liceu performance: 13/12/1964. Number of Liceu performances: 41.

Artistic profile

Yves Abel
Stage director
Lotte de Beer
Dorike van Genderen
Set design
Marouscha Levy
Jorine van Beek
Alex Brok
Finn Ross
Stage director assistant
Albert Estany
Stage director assistant
Noèlia Rua
Video assistant
Alex Uragallo
Theater an der Wien
Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Gran Teatre del Liceu
Chorus director
Conxita Garcia
Kai Gleusteen
Musical director assistant
Pedro Pardo
Musical assistants
Rodrigo de Vera, Pau Casan and Jaume Tribó


LeilaEkaterina Bakanova13th,16th,19th,22th,24th May
Olga Kulchynska14th,17th,20th,23th,25th May
NadirJohn Osborn13th,16th,19th,22th,24th May
Dmitry Korchak14th,17th,20th,23th,25th May
ZurgaMichael Adams13th,16th,19th,22th,24th May
Borja Quiza14th,17th,20th,23th,25th May
NourabadFernando Radó13th,16th,17th,19th,20th,22th,23th,25th May
Federico De Michelis14th,24th May

Debut Liceu

May 2019

13Monday20:00Turn AFee 5
14Tuesday20:00Turn PAFee 6
16Thursday20:00Turn BFee 4
17Friday20:00Turn PCFee 4
19Sunday17:00Turn TFee 4
20Monday20:00Turn HFee 6
22Wednesday20:00Turn DFee 5
23Thursday20:00Turn PEFee 5
24Friday20:00Turn EADFee 4
25Saturday20:00Turn CFee 4

First act 50m
Interval 30m
Second Act 35m
Pause 5m
Third act 33m

Approximate running time 2h 35m

Information of Interest

Briefing session

Audience briefing session in the Foyer 45 minutes before the opera begins.


Monday 6 May at 7.30pm
Foyer (enter through c/ Sant Pau)
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Reasons not to miss'LES PÊCHEURS DE PERLES'

  • The other great title by the composer of Carmen.
  • The return to the Liceu of two great tenors: John Osborn and Dmitry Korchak.
  • Young stage director Lotte de Beer makes her debut at the Liceu.
  • A drama about religion and love against the background of a reality show.