Piotr Beczala and Sondra Radvanovsky round off the season with a Verdi opera about love, deceit and betrayal

To see soprano Sondra Radvanovsky and tenor Piotr Beczala together on stage is always a major event. Both will be back at the Liceu, along with fellow cast-members Eleonora Buratto, Luca Salsi, Juan Jesús Rodríguez and Arturo Chacón-Cruz, to bring us one of Verdi's most clearly Romantic operas, in which the style of his mature works is already perceptible. Luisa Miller was composed immediately before his "popular trilogy". It is an intense but tranquil opera based on Kabale und Liebe, a bourgeois drama by Friedrich Schiller, whose works were one of Verdi's favourite sources. Damiano Michieletto puts the spotlight on the drama of Rodolfo and Luisa, the two innocent protagonists oppressed by their authoritarian fathers, and shows two children beside them who represent the children they themselves still are. The production, set in pre-Romantic Germany, gives an elegant but forceful rendering of the original text, as adapted by librettist Cammarano, and of Verdi's score.

Luisa Miller

Melodramma tragico in three acts. Libretto by Salvadore Cammarano. World premiere: 08/12/1849 at the Teatro San Carlo in Naples. First Barcelona performance: 25/10/1851 at the Teatre Principal. First Liceu performance: 28/10/1851. Last Liceu performance: 07/07/2008. Number of Liceu performances: 38.

Artistic profile

Domingo Hindoyan
Stage director
Damiano Michieletto
Set design
Paolo Fantin
Carla Teti
Hans-Rudolf Kunz
Video designer
Timo Schlüssel
Opernhaus Zürich
Gran Teatre del Liceu and Teatro de la Maestranza (Sevilla)
Chorus Director


Count WalterDmitry Belosselskiy14th,17th,20th,23th,26th July
Carlo Colombara15th,18th,21th,24th,27th July
RodolfoPiotr Beczala14th,17th,20th,23th,26th July
Arturo Chacón-Cruz15th,18th,21th,24th,27th July
FedericaJ’Nai Bridges14th,17th,20th,23th,26th July
Sonia Prina15th,18th,21th,24th,27th July
WurmMarko Mimica14th,17th,20th,23th,26th July
Marco Spotti15th,18th,21th,24th,27th July
MillerMichael Chioldi14th,17th,20th July
Juan Jesús Rodríguez15th,18th,21th,24th,27th July
Leo Nucci23th,26th July
LuisaSondra Radvanovsky14th,17th,20th,23th,26th July
Eleonora Buratto15th,18th,21th,24th,27th July
LauraGemma Coma-Alabert

Cast Change

  • Baritones Michael Chioldi and Leo Nucci will alternate with Juan Jesús Rodríguez the part of Miller. Luca Salsi has cancelled his performances due to other professional commitments.

July 2019

14Sunday17:00Turn TFee 5
15Monday20:00Turn AFee 5
17Wednesday20:00Turn DFee 5
18Thursday20:00Turn BFee 5
20Saturday20:00Turn CFee 5
21Sunday18:00Turn FFee 6
23Tuesday20:00Turn HFee 5
24Wednesday20:00Turn GFee 5
26Friday20:00Turn EFee 6
27Saturday20:00Turn PBADFee 6

Approximate running time 2h 45m

Briefing session

Audience briefing session in the Foyer 45 minutes before the opera begins.

Resons why you shouldn't miss Luisa Miller

  • An opera about innocent young lovers oppressed by authoritarian fathers.
  • Two great singers return to the Liceu: Sondra Radvanovsky and Piotr Beczala.
  • J’Nai Bridges, the winner of the Viñas Contest, appears at the Liceu.
  • A show of light and shadow created by Damiano Michieletto.