Manolo Garcia is offering his greatest hits in an acoustic format with a huge band on stage

For the first time since his early years as member of Los Rápidos, Los Burros or El Último de la Fila during the eighties and nineties, Manolo Garcia is offering his greatest hits in an acoustic format. He will set aside the electric paraphernalia he loves, to make a 180 degree turnout approaching his all time songs in a total acoustic way, imbuing  them with new sonorities and stressing on Spanish and acoustic guitars.

An acoustic format but with a huge band on stage though, and a surprise to delight his unconditional fans’ or new followers’ ears. It represents a still unseen possibility of reaching his audience’s feelings with his voice and performance.

Band: Ricardo Marín, Víctor Iniesta, Josete Ordóñez (Spanish and acoustic guitars, lute), Juan Carlos García (piano, percussion, and back vocals), Olvido Lanza (violin and cello), Charli Sardà (percussion) and Iñigo Goldaracena (double bass and accordion), Manolo García (vocals and acoustic guitar).

This will be an extensive tour with which Manolo Garcia wishes to bring his show to those cities his previous tours could not reach.

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December 2019