A Covent Garden production starring Gregory Kunde, Carlos Álvarez and Krassimira Stoyanova​ 

When Verdi shut himself in to write an opera based on Shakespeare's Othello, he originally intended to call it Iago because Otello was the title of another opera by Rossini which was still hugely popular. Verdi was so fascinated by the compulsively manipulating Iago – whose diabolical boldness destroys the jealous Moor and his wife – that he gave him some of the finest dramatic and musical passages in the opera.

The famous words that mark the victorious Otello's first appearance – one of the greatest entrances in the history of opera – lead directly into Iago's perfectly laid plan, into the lies and ploys that will cause the downfall of the insanely jealous Otello and the death of Desdèmona.

Iago, having identified Otello's weak spot, builds his scheme around it and the splendid, upstanding warrior of Act I slowly degenerates into the man who commits suicide when he becomes aware of his own his moral decadence. Otello is no longer Otello. The poignancy of his tragedy lies hidden in the innermost depths of self-doubt.

Keith Warner's production, made for Covent Garden, stresses light and shade, good and evil, like the violent conflicts that form the nucleus of the tale.

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Libretto by Arrigo Boito after the play by William Shakespeare.
World premiere: 5/02/1887 at the Teatro alla Scala in Milan.
First Barcelona performance: 19/11/1890 at the Gran Teatre del Liceu.
Last Liceu performance: 07/02/2016.
Total number of Liceu performances: 165.

  • Approximate running time 3h 10m

Artistic profile

Riccardo Frizza
Stage director
Keith Warner
Micahel Barry
Set design
Boris Kudlička
Kaspar Glarner
Lighting design
Bruno Poet
Fight Director
Ran Arthur Braun
The Royal Opera House (London)
Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Liceu Opera Barcelona
Director of the Chorus
Conxita Garcia
Cor Vivaldi - Petits Cantors de Catalunya
Director of the children chorus
Òscar Boada


OtteloGregory Kunde27th,30th March and 6th,9th,12th,14th April
Jorge de León28th,31th March and 7th,10th,13th April
JagoCarlos Álvarez27th,30th March and 6th,9th,12th,14th April
Željko Lucic28th,31th March and 7th,10th,13th April
CassioAiram Hernández
RoderigoFrancisco Vas
LodovicoFelipe Bou
MontanoFernando Latorre
DesdemonaKrassimira Stoyanova27th,30th March and 6th,9th,12th,14th April
Eleonora Buratto28th,31th March and 7th,10th,13th April
EmiliaMireia Pintó

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