Six brand new operas sung in 6 different parts of the opera house by 6 different women

A young woman steps into a bathtub and slowly sinks into the water for what may be her last bath; a mature female singer, avid for beauty, finds happiness only in the contents of a miserable refrigerator; an old woman fights against the inevitable by refusing to be taken into a home; a girl anxiously awaiting a phone call is afraid to leave the house lest she is left without network coverage; a young Danae, with a knife hidden in her clothes, returns to the basement where her father abused her; and a teenage YouTuber tells her followers that this is her last message before the end of the world.

SIS SOLOS SOLES is a New and Pocket Opera project which unites six monodramas for female voice and instrumentalist into a single performance. It was commissioned from six different librettist-composer teams.  While exploring the bowels of a theatre, the audience discovers, through a sort of intimate confession, the tales underlying the different voices which are trapped in their respective home environments.

  • Approximate running time 2h 20m
    • Darrer missatge 16m
    • Cállate 21m
    • No és res urgent 24m
    • Dànae recorda 21m
    • Voraç bellesa 18m
    • Per precaució 20m

Artistic profile

Agustí Charles, Mario G. Cortizo, Raquel Garcia Tomás, Joan Magrané, Lucas Peire and Francesc Prat
Cristina Cordero, Oriol Pla, Marc Rosich, Victòria Szpunberg and Helena Tornero
Francesc Prat
Stage director
Marc Rosich
Set design and lighting
Laura Clos “Closca”
Costume design and production
Núria Llunell
Assistant director
Jordi Pérez Solé
Desigh assistant, lighting
Sergi Corbera
Pol Rebaque
Communication and press OBNC
Neus Purtí
Production OBNC
Helena Moliné
Director OBNC
Dietrich Grosse
Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Louise Higham and Carme Rosich

Darrer missatge


MusicMario G. Cortizo
LibrettoMarc Rosich
WithElena Tarrats
PercussionMario G. Cortizo
At the Foyer



MusicFrancesc Prat
LibrettoOriol Pla
WithLídia Vinyes-Curtis
At the Foyer

No és res urgent


MusicAgustí Charles
LibrettoMarc Rosich
WithMaría Hinojosa
ViolinMarc Charles
At the stage - box garden

Dànae recorda


MusicJoan Magrané
LibrettoHelena Tornero
WithElena Copons
ViolinJudit Bardolet
At the stage - box garden

Voraç bellesa


MusicLucas Peire
LibrettoCristina Cordero
WithMarta Fiol
CelloÀlex Rodríguez Flaqué
At the Saló dels miralls

Per precaució


MusicRaquel G. Tomás
LibrettoVictòria Szpunberg
WithDolors Aldea
ArpaJosé Antonio Domené
At the Saló dels miralls

With the support of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya, INAEM Ministerio de Cultura y Deporte & Institut de Cultura de Barcelona.

With the sponsorship of Smeg:

November 2020