Liceu down the generations

Come to the Liceu with those dearest to you and give them a chance to experience live opera: this is the aim of “Liceu down the generations”, a performance tailor-made for subscribers who want to hand down their love for opera to coming generations. A gift of cultural enrichment that goes beyond entertainment. 

This year's performance is Rigoletto on Saturday 4 December 2021 at 7 pm. 

Subscribers can be accompanied by 3 people to whom they want to transmit their passion for opera (2 of whom must be between 14 and 28 years of age). 

Flat-rate price: 35 €. Limited number of tickets available.
Minimum age: 14 years 

Tickets go on sale on 4 October at 10 am 

Contradictions and conflicts in an extraordinary score

In a letter to his librettist Francesco Maria Piave, Verdi wrote: “Oh! Victor Hugo's Le Roi s’amuse deals with the greatest of themes and is perhaps the most important play of modern times. It's worthy of Shakespeare!”. He was working on an adaptation of King Lear at the time but then returned to Hugo, to whom he owed the greatest triumph of his most difficult years: Ernani.

The irresistible threesome of the king, his daughter and the court jester came as flash of inspiration to Verdi. Between the shallow, lecherous Duke (Hugo's king) and Gilda, who is both a victim and captive of ignorance, he places Rigoletto, the wonderful, ambivalent hunchback whose paradise is the peaceful home and family he struggles to protect. Despite his outward deformity, Rigoletto is passionately loving being, but also a monstruous father, obsessed by a curse, who is harrowing, grotesque and sublime in equal measure. His star aria, “Cortigiani, vil razza dannata”, takes him from indomitable rage to humble supplication, attesting to Verdi's ability to adapt a form he inherited from bel canto to dramatic realism.

Monique Wagemakers' exuberant production, with its delightful Venetian red costumes, focusses on the themes of ill-treatment, the quest for identity, and the abuse of power over the defenceless, as shown by the Duke's domination of Rigoletto and Rigoletto's domination of his daughter. Precisely the contradictions and conflicts on which the whole extraordinary score rests.

PARADISE: daughter, family and home


Melodrama in three acts.
Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave.

World premiere: 11/03/1851 at the Teatro la Fenice, Venice.
Barcelona premiere: 03/12/1853 at the Gran Teatre del Liceu.
Last Liceu performance: 06/04/2017.
Total number of Liceu performances: 375.

  • Approximate running time 2h 40m

Artistic profile

Stage director
Monique Wagemakers
Set design
Michael Levine
Costume design
Sandy Powell
Reinier Tweebeeke
Revival lighting
Cor van den Brink
Klaus Bertisch
Stage director assistant
Silke Meier and Salva Bolta
Gran Teatre del Liceu and Teatro Real
Chorus of the Liceu Opera House (Pablo Assante, director)
Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu
Musical director assistant
Rodrigo de Vera
Musical maestros assistants
Véronique Werklé, David-Huy Nguyen-Phung, Rupert Dussmann and Jaume Tribó
Daniele Callegari


Duke of MantuaSaimir Pirgu
RigolettoMarkus Brück
GildaAigul Khismatullina
SparafucileLiang Li
MaddalenaNino Surguladze
GiovannaLaura Vila
Count MonteroneMattia Denti
MarulloMichal Partyka
Matteo BorsaMoisés Marín
Count CepranoStefano Palatchi
Countess CepranoSara Bañeras
Page-boyMarta Polo

December 2021