Outstanding production made by Àlex Ollé for London's Royal Opera House

“We should not be ashamed to weep from emotion as we listen to it”
Richard Wagner


The high priestess Norma is the spiritual leader of the revolt against the Roman but she is also in love with Pollione, the leader of the forces of occupation which are oppressing her people, and has already borne him two children. Her betrayal threatens the survival of the community.

Norma's discovery that Pollione is now in love with her friend Adalgisa triggers off a series of emotional reactions: after furiously calling on her people to rise in arms she ultimately decides to sacrifice her own life. Paradise for her is the haven of religious faith, but also Pollione's love and her people's well-being.

This outstanding production was originally made by Àlex Ollé for London's Royal Opera House. It takes an up-to-date approach, setting the action against the background of an oppressive religion. While exploring the clash between individual desires and those of the community, Ollé depicts religion as a binding force and a way of making sense of the world, but also as a means for repressing any individual who violates the law. Torn between her own will and her people's freedom, Norma is also the powerless captive of collective references (social mores, revered ancient symbols and beliefs). Her doubts and fragility take on present-day connotations in the face of a religion verging on fanaticism, the blind instrument of an inflexible law. Norma, an obedient daughter, betrayed lover and desperate mother, is stifled by norms.

Left with no way out, she becomes a veritable heroine who confesses her guilt and is willing to die. This tale of the purifying power of sacrifice features one of the most difficult and emblematic leading roles in the history of opera. A masterpiece of bel canto, it was only the third opera staged at the Liceu in its very first season, in 1847, and is the perfect example of a tragedy in music.

PARADISE: faith, the love of Pollione and the community's well-being

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Tragedia lirica in two acts.
Libretto by Felice Romani, based on the play Norma ou L’infanticide by Alexandre Soumet.

World premiere: 26/12/1831 at the Teatre alla Scala, Milan.
Barcelona premiere: 4/6/1835 at the Teatre de la Santa Creu.
First Liceu performance: 16/10/1847.
Last Liceu performance: 17/2/ 2015.
Total number of Liceu performances: 155.

  • Approximate running time 3h 10m

Artistic profile

Stage director
Àlex Ollé
Set design
Alfons Flores
Custome desigs
Lluc Castells
Marco Filibeck
Norma was produced in association with the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in London. This production was seen for the first time in London at the Royal Opera House on 12 September 2016.
Chorus of the Gran Teatre del Liceu (Pablo Assante, director)
Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu
Domingo Hindoyan


PollioneRiccardo Massi18th,21th,24th,27th,30th July
Airam Hernández19th,22th,25th,26th,28th,31th July
OrovesoNicolas Testé18th,24th,27th,30th July
Marko Mimica19th,21th,22th,25th,26th,28th,31th July
NormaMarina Rebeka18th,21th,24th,27th,30th July
Marta Mathéu19th,26th July
Sonya Yoncheva22th,25th,28th,31th July
AdalgisaVarduhi Abrahamyan18th,21th,24th,27th,30th July
Teresa Iervolino19th,22th,25th,26th,28th,31th July
ClotildeNúria Vilà
FlavioNéstor Losán

Debut Liceu

Cast Changes

  • Tenor Riccardo Massi sings the role of Pollione replacing Paolo Fanale, who has withdrawn due to illness.
  • Bass baritone Marko Mimica sings the role of Oroveso on the performance of July 21, replacing Nicolas Testé, who is recovering from a laryngitis.

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Selecció musical de l'òpera Norma, a càrrec de Víctor Garcia de Gomar, director artític del Liceu.

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