Considered Telemann's own best work

Countess artists over the centuries have been fascinated by the character of Orpheus, whose seductively powerful singing enabled him to enter the underworld to save his beloved Euridice. But on one condition: he must not look at her or speak to her.

The legend, an insuperable example of constancy in love and the power of music, is ideal for any musical drama. This has prompted René Jacobs to propose a journey spanning three seasons during which we will visit the same myth through the music of Telemann, Gluck and Monteverdi.

Telemann's version, premiered in Hamburg in 1726, is considered the finest German opera of the first half of the 18th century and the composer's own best work. Because it includes passages in different languages (German, French and Italian), it was long considered a pastiche and the score remained in oblivion at Wisentheid Castle for centuries until rediscovered only 25 years ago.

In this partially dramatized version, René Jacobs will highlight its dramatic qualities and the refined psychological nuances conveyed by the music, while uncovering the secrets of this synthesis of different styles and schools of composition.

PARADISE: love and constancy

With René Jacobs we start a new project about Orpheus' myth.

SEASON 2021-22

G. Ph. Telemann

SEASON 2022-23
Ch. W. Gluck
Orfeo ed Euridice

SEASON 2023-24
C. Monteverdi

Orpheus oder “Die wunderbare Beständigkeit der Liebe"

Opera in three acts.

World Premiere: 9/03/1726 Oper am Gänsemarkt of Hamburg.
Premiere at the Gran Teatre del Liceu.

Approximate running time 3h 10m

  • First part 1h 30m
  • Interval 30m
  • Second part 1h 10m

Artistic profile

B’Rock Orchestra
René Jacobs


OrpheusKrešimir Stražanac
OrasiaKateryna Kasper
EurydiceMirella Hagen
EurimedesDavid Fischer
Ismene / PriesterinSalomé Haller
PlutoChristian Immler
AscalaxBenno Schachtner
CephisaGunta Smirnova

Debut Liceu

October 2021

30Saturday18:00Turn PD

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