Alongside Eugene Onegin, Tchaikovsky's greatest contribution to the opera

Thanks to his brother Modest's libretto, based on a free adaptation of a tale by Pushkin, P. I. Tchaikovsky was able to respond in just 44 days to a commission from the Russian Imperial Theatres and Pikovaya Dama was born.

For the young Herman, paradise consists of rising in society and gambling. He accordingly sacrifices his love for Lisa to his obsession with finding a magic formula for winning at cards which is in the possession of an old countess. After driving Lisa to suicide, Herman himself dies, deceived by the Countess's ghost.

The tragedy of this complex Romantic hero, haunted by his passion for gambling and driven by fate to the loss of his lover and to crime and death, is counterpointed by elements from the world of dreams and the supernatural.

Gilbert Deflo's opulent production transports us to a far-off age and underscores the composer's own scathing portrait of society, for beneath the amiable appearance of the Russia of Catherine the Great, a lost generation lies hidden. Tchaikovsky's score evokes the court, streets and river banks of Saint Petersburg through the deliberate recreation of 18th century musical forms and allusions to popular and religious music but never sacrifices his characteristically fervent lyricism. The Queen of Spades ranks alongside Eugene Onegin as his greatest contribution to the world of opera.

PARADISE: gambling 

Pikovaya Dama

Opera in three acts
Libretto by Modest Tchaikovsky based on the tale of the same title by Pushkin.

World premiere: 07/12/1890 at the Mariinksy Theatre, Saint Petersburg .
Barcelona premiere: 01/12/1922 at the Gran Teatre del Liceu.
Last Liceu performance: 04/07/2010.
Total number of Liceu performances: 31.

  • Approximate running time 3h 50m

Artistic profile

Stage director
Gilbert Deflo
Set design
William Orlandi
Nadejda L. Loujine
Costume design
William Orlandi
Albert Faura
Gran Teatre del Liceu
Chorus of the Liceu Opera Barcelona (Pablo Assante, director)
Children's chorus VEUS - Amics de la Unió de Granollers (Josep Vila i Jover, director)
Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu
Dmitri Jurowski


HermannYusif Eyvazov26th January and 2th,5th,8th,11th February
George Oniani27th January and 1th,4th,6th,10th February
Count Tomski / ZlatogorŁukasz Goliński26th January and 1th,5th,8th,11th February
Gevorg Hakobyan27th January and 2th,4th,6th,10th February
Prince IeletskiRodion Pogossov26th January and 1th,5th,8th,11th February
Andrey Zhilikhovsky27th January and 2th,4th,6th,10th February
TxekalinskiDavid Alegret
SurinIvo Stanchev
TxaplitskiAntoni Lliteres
CountessElena Zaremba26th January and 1th,5th,8th,11th February
Larissa Diadkova27th January and 2th,4th,6th,10th February
LisaLianna Haroutounian26th January and 2th,4th,6th,10th February
Irina Churilova27th January
Sondra Radvanovsky1th,5th,8th,11th February
Polina/ MilovzorLena Belkina26th January and 1th,4th,6th,8th,10th,11th February
Cristina Faus27th January and 2th,5th February
GovernessMireia Pintó
MaixaGemma Coma-Alabert
Master of CeremoniesMarc Sala
PrilepaMercedes Gancedo26th January and 1th,5th,8th,11th February
Serena Sáenz27th January and 2th,4th,6th,10th February

Cast chage

  • Due to personal reasons, Sondra Radvanovsky joins the production from February 1, and soprano Lianna Haroutounian will sing the role of Lisa at the premiere. In the performance on January 27, the Russian soprano Irina Churilova will sing the part.

  • Due to agenda issues of soprano Serena Sáenz, the role of Prilepa is divided into two casts and Mercedes Gancedo joins the production.

  • Tenor Martin Muehle cancels his participation for health reasons and George Oniani joins the production.

  • Mezzo-soprano Dolora Zajick cancels her participation due to the difficulties of traveling in these times of international health emergency. Larissa Diadkova will perform the rol of the Duchess.

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La veu del Liceu

Per descobrir més a fons l'òpera de Txaikovski, inspirada en un conte de Puixkin.

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