June 12 (10h)

June 19 (10h)


A fascinating journey through the life and artistic adventures of Carlos Chausson

La commedia è (in)finita is a show with which we will travel to Zurich, New York, Madrid, Naples, the Canary Islands, Barcelona, Vienna, Michigan… And during the journey we will discover, among other things, the intimacy of an opera house dressing room; we will take part in a casting; we will attend an opera performance; we will experience a snowstorm; and we will share a table in a restaurant. 
Guided by Ramon Gener and accompanied by the melodies of composers such as Tosti, Rossini, Paisiello, Cimarosa, Donizetti, Martín i Soler and many other magnificent travelling companions, we will journey through the life and artistic adventures of Carlos Chausson, internationally renowned buffo bass, in an intense, peculiar, surprising and very moving farewell recital. 
For the very first time, Carlos Chausson and Ramon Gener together on the stage. Two losers who have triumphed or two winners who have failed? Together in an apparently conventional recital, in which Carlos Chausson's best operatic roles are intermingled with hits from pop music and musicals, these two great friends bare their souls to the audience, telling everything they dreamed of being and how life led them down a different path. A fascinating journey full of surprises for the audience and emotions for the protagonists, under the guidance of stage director Joan Font. 

  • Approximate running time 1h 30min

Artistic profile

Stage Director
Joan Font
Piti Español
Set Design
Jordi Bulbena
Alejandro Koviakov



November 2023



Àries i fragments musicals de compositors des de Rossini, Donizetti, Offenbach o Mozart fins a The Beatles o Frank Sinatra, entre molts d’altres.