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A coreography by Antonio Ruz that connects with our tradition

The production La nit de Sant Joan (Soirées de Barcelone), the second ballet of composer Robert Gerhard (1896-1970), with scenography by Joan Junyer and storyline by Ventura Gassol, would not be performed in 1939 due to the vicissitudes of the Spanish Civil War. The work was created because of the madness for dance that erupted at the beginning of the 20th century, with the backdrop of the European image of an exotic Spain and the great success that Manuel de Falla had in this field.

Inspired by the mythical night of the summer solstice – nit de Sant Joan – and the celebrations with fire from the Catalan Pyrenees, the music is modern, yet with a folk feeling, evoking melodies from our folklore, where the frenetic beats describe torch dances, the parade of magical figures and the erotic movements of couples who, in intimate union, end up marrying at dawn.  

Antonio Ruz wanted – symbolically and creatively – to permeate the choreography with features that connect us to our traditions, such as the symbolism of fire, the sardana dance, castells and mythical bestiary. 

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Recommended for ages 10 and up

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Artistic profile

Roberto Gerhard
Joan Junyer
Ventura Gassol
Direction and choreography
Antonio Ruz
Coordination and musical assistant
Miguel Baselga
Costumes, props and Costumes Accessories
Rosa García Andújar
Olga García (AAI)
Direction assistant
Elia López
Costume Making
Ines Mancheño
Documentary research
Mònica Tarré Pedreira
Music Edition (unpublished)
Juan de Udaeta
Edition review
Miguel Baselga
Raúl Melcón, Carlos Roncero, Joel Mesa, Aaron Vazquez, Maria Quero, Anna Sagrera, Alexa Moya, Ariadna Saltó and Beatriz Cubero
Carlos Bujosa, Valeria Blasc and Clara Santacana

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