A veritable event with the voices of Lise Davidsen, Clay Hilley and Gábor Bretz

"Bride and sister be to thy brother, then flourish the Wälsungs for aye!"
Act 1 (Wagner: Die Walküre (The Valkyrie)

There are concerts that, before they happen, promise to be historic nights at the opera house. To be able to listen to Act 1 of Wagner's Die Walküre is always a great success, but if, in addition, it is with the voices of Lise Davidsen, Clay Hilley and Gábor Bretz, then we are talking about a veritable event. All three represent the future of the lyric, and especially the Germanic, repertoire. 

Lise Davidsen, the greatest Sieglinde or Elisabeth of our time, is the hope of a specific and demanding vocal world. While the world awaits her debut as Brünnhilde or Isolde, we will relish her creation of this character. At her side, Bretz will be the jealous guardian of the household and of Sieglinde herself. Clay Hilley, as Siegmund for the evening, is today's leading exponent of heldentenor and a valued treasure in demand for all the major tetralogies of upcoming years. 

In this case, a first part with arias by Strauss and Wagner will create the right atmosphere for listening to the concert version of this unattainable temple of sound. Last season, we had the opportunity to experience the scenes of Elektra intensely under the direction of Josep Pons. He, conducting the musicians of the Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu, will take us to another level. 

With the flight of the sibling-lovers under the protection of Notung, we have an unforgettable evening assured. 

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  • Approximate running time 2h


Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatre del Liceu
Musical director assistant
Rodrigo de Vera
Josep Pons

June 2024

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