A transformative and impactful artistic experience

Within the framework of the educational program LiceuAprèn promoted by the Gran Teatre del Liceu, one of the most prominent lines of action in the coming seasons will be participatory projects: giving young people from different high schools and educational centers the opportunity to participate in the creation process of an opera alongside a professional artistic team that will culminate in a performance on the Main Stage of the Liceu.

Play Monstre 2


El monstre al laberint is an opera by Jonathan Dove that, commissioned by Simon Rattle leading the London Symphony Orchestra, was conceived as a participatory opera, with the idea that teenagers and young people could share the stage with professionals from the music and performing arts.

On the other hand, Paco Azorín, to whom the Gran Teatre del Liceu has entrusted the stage direction of El Monstre al laberint, has sought to give the work a very current interpretation by seeking parallels between the myth of Theseus (the opera's plot) and the reality of migrations and refugees.

Paco Azorín's artistic interpretation allows for the development of a comprehensive educational project around El Monstre al laberint. Besides musical and artistic work, it involves connections with different areas of knowledge, a link with current affairs, and, above all, invites young people to engage in a critical reflection that is so necessary in the world we are living in.

Therefore, with respect to the singularities of each school and their respective educational projects, LiceuAprèn will strive to support schools so that the experience of El Monstre becomes an impactful and transformative artistic experience for participating students and, to the extent possible, for the schools.

Target audience

High school and baccalaureate students


September - March


Enjoy a comprehensive artistic experience. Approach operatic language through immersion, emotion, and understanding. Grasp and analyze the communicative power of this language in all its dimensions. Establish connections between this artistic experience and other fields of knowledge or with nearby and current realities. Feel curiosity and desire at the prospect of participating as performers in a production of this nature. Understand the process of creating an opera.

Participating in the project El Monstre al laberint presents an opportunity for students, teachers, and the school. At the same time, it involves commitments.


  • Performing an opera on the stage of the Gran Teatre del Liceu.
  • Working with top-level professionals in music and performing arts.
  • LiceuAprèn will provide a program of musical and stage training for both teachers and students. This artistic training will be complemented with materials and performances that support the design and development of comprehensive projects centered around El monstre al laberint.


  • Attendance at training sessions for the school's teaching staff.
  • Preparation of the musical work with participating students.
  • Attendance of students and teaching staff at all musical and stage rehearsals at the Theater.
  • Attendance at additional training activities.
  • Maintaining contact with the Liceu team to monitor the project.