Family Workshops 

In the 23-24 season, family workshops are promoted before the performances. As a pilot test, this season workshops are held before the shows Miralls, Trencanous-Jazz, La cuina de Rossini and La nit de Sant Joan, and next season this activity will be scheduled for all titles. 

Formació professorat Liceu Aprèn


The main objective of this proposal is to create a space for interaction and communication among families through the music heard in the show. It is an experimental space with music and movement that will allow them to experience the show more deeply and, at the same time, immerse themselves in proposals that they can continue to share in the family environment. The workshops will be led by artists who have some connection with the shows. 

They are free and are addressed to all families with tickets for the performances.

 Due to limited capacity, prior reservation is required, available on the Theater's website. 

Workshops for the 23/24 season 

  • Miralls – November 18 and 19 - Mascaró Factory – Mirrors Hall – 100 seats 
  • Trencanous-Jazz - December 27, 28, 29, 30, April 6 and 7 - Tanit Graffelman – Mirrors Hall - 100 seats 
  • La cuina de Rossini - January 13 and 14 - Ana Pérez – Foyer – 180 seats 
  • La nit de Sant Joan - February 17 and 18 - Èlia López – Foyer - 180 seats
Formació professorat Liceu Aprèn


Teacher Workshops

This season we give a new format to the training sessions for teachers. We introduce the Matins LiceuAprèn

  • Modules deepening in different aspects of artistic and musical education inspired by opera and our shows. 
  • Saturday mornings to learn, share, and experiment with opera, music, and performing arts. 
  • Workspaces where resources and educational reflection will arise from practical experience. Spaces to experience opera, music, and performing arts from a transversal perspective. 
  • Spaces to value expression, knowledge, and creativity in the educational context. 
  • Spaces open to any teacher interested in training in aspects related to opera, music, and performing arts, regardless of their knowledge and sensitivities. We highly recommend that several teachers from the same school can attend. 
  • Free training spaces. 
  • Limited places. Priority for teachers from educational centers that will attend any of our shows this season. 

September 16, 2023, from 10 am to 1:30 pmh  

How do we prepare works where the plot is very important? How do we enter the characters, and what game do they give us? How do we connect music and narration? 

The morning includes workshops on theatrical interpretation, listening, and musical creation inspired by the shows: La Petita Flauta Màgica, El conte de Nadal de Charles Dickens, La cuina de Rossini and Trencanous-jazz. 

Formació professorat Liceu Aprèn

October 7, 2023, from 10 am to 1:30 pm 

How do we live and make music live from the body? How do visual elements help us listen to music? How do we deal with these languages ​​from perception, expression, and creativity? What does the concept of transformation (transformation of music, transformation of objects into characters) bring us?? 

The morning includes workshops on movement, listening, and artistic and musical creation inspired by the shows: Miralls, La Barcarola i Trencanous-jazz. 

Formació professorat Liceu Aprèn

January 13, 2024, from 10 am to 1:30 pm

CHow do we treat the body and movement with adolescents and young people? What does moving and expressing themselves through the body bring and entail for them? With the musical diversity offered by the three shows that inspire this morning, we will address these aspects and their interaction with other artistic languages ​​such as poetry. 

The morning includes workshops on movement and artistic creation inspired by the shows: La Nit de Sant Joan, IT Dansa, La Torre dels Somnis. 

Formació professorat Liceu Aprèn
Formació professorat Liceu Aprèn