A selection of familiar operatic arias

Play Barcarola.


Music, images and the art of illustration interact in this live show to immerse the audience of small children in a striking experience of the senses.

Their imagination, feelings and development are stimulated by the interaction of different idioms, offering music that helps them to see and images that help them to listen. In the course of this voyage of discovery, two singers, two musicians and an illustrator present a selection of familiar operatic arias which have been carefully arranged to please small children.

The proximity of the stage in the Liceu’s Foyer facilitates eye-to-eye communication between performers and audience.

Recommended for ages 3 and up

Before attending the show

Liceu+   Educational Activities

  • Approximate running time 45min

Artistic profile

Direction, dramaturgy and creative management
Juan Pablo Mendiola
Visual arts
Patossa (Patrícia Barrachina)
Music director
Francesc Valldecabres
Musical arrangements
Isabel Latorre
Set design
Los Reyes del Mambo
Maria Almudéver
Motion Graphics
Laura Cuello


Soprano / Violin
Baritone / Guitar

May 2023

Saturday, May 20 at 11am, relaxed performance for those with attention deficit disorder and/or autism, with the support of AENA.

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