20è aniversari

Three strategic lines

The celebration of the 20th Anniversary fosters Liceu’s mission in order to face the challenges of the XXI century.


The Liceu has been an artistic reference in Europe and Spain for more than two centuries. Its seasons will continue to focus on great voices, innovation and unique productions thanks to the talented artists and outstanding set designs. Some of the aims included within the artistic strategy are: working to bring new productions and titles, programming more contemporary music, building further partnerships with international opera houses to promote the Tenor Viñas Competition, and working with the Orchestra and the Choir in order to strengthen the artistic quality of the work presented.


In order to continue being one of the most outstanding opera houses in South Europe, not only in terms of artistic quality but also in terms of technology, it is necessary to keep working on adapting the Theatre to the new times and the digital era. Some of the aims included within this strategic line are: creating a digital archive, investing in new apps and improving some spaces at the Theatre with the newest technical equipment.


It is vital for the Liceu to keep building an accessible Theatre and an opera house for everyone. It is crucial to make people feel they belong to this Theatre and that this Theatre belongs to them. Liceu’s doors are open to Barcelona and to the world. Investing in new educational projects, increasing the accessibility of the Theatre while creating new public spaces, and continue to increase the number of people engaged with the Theatre are some of the objectives included within the social strategy.