The immense possibilities of this beautiful instrument in the best possible way

In the third programme of the series launched this season, audiences will have the pleasure of listening to the double bass soloists from our orchestra, two of the best virtuosos of this instrument: Joaquín Arrabal and João Seara. 

In a programme conducted by Francesc Prat, a beloved musician at the Liceu who is coming back to the theatre where he served as assistant conductor in his teenage years, we will savour three works that showcase the expressive potential of an instrument which seldom plays solos. 

The famous Vanhal concerto and ‘Arpeggione’ sonata by Schubert, the peak of early Romantic Viennese music, together with the concerto for two double basses by the Italian composer Bottesini, will be the perfect programme to become familiar with the immense possibilities of this beautiful instrument in the best possible way. 

Constellations Series

This season we start a new series of chamber orchestra concerts with the aim of showcasing to audiences the musicians in the orchestra as soloists to show their virtuoso facet and connect their faces and their art. 

We call it Constellations, a pattern of stars in the musical firmament that connecting us with the Liceu’s entrance doors.  

  • Approximate running time 1h
Double bass soloists
Joaquín Arrabal and João Seara
Francesc Prat

April 2024



Johann Baptist Wanhal
Double Bass Concerto in D-major

Franz Schubert
"Arpeggione" Sonate D.821

Joseph Haydn
Symphony No. 19 D-major Hob I: 19  

Giovanni Bottesini
Passione amorosa for two double basses (and orchestra)