Lucia Lacarra Ballet

Lucia Lacarra Ballet

Lost letters

An emotional and visually impactful journey

Lost Letters, the first and thrilling production choreographed by Matthew Golding, tells a poignant and evocative story that will captivate audiences of all ages.

Lost Letters explores the theme of lost connections and invites us to reflect on the power of communication.

Through the incredible technical prowess and artistic expressiveness of our dancers, Lost Letters takes the audience on an emotional and visually impactful journey. The innovative and dynamic choreography, combined with a captivating musical selection, creates an atmosphere that transports viewers to a world of shared emotions and experiences.

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Fitxa artística

Concept and stage direction
Lucía Lacarra & Matthew Golding
Matthew Golding
Choreographic assistasnt
Gianluca Battaglia
Lucia Lacarra, Matthew Golding & Lucía Lacarra Ballet
Sergéi Rachmaninov & Max Richter
Lucía Lacarra & Gianluca Battaglia
Film direction
Matthew Golding & Ekain Albite
Teatro Arriaga Antzokia, Kursaal Eszena, Festival Internacional de Música y Danza de Granada
Teatros del Canal and Teatro Principal de Vitoria

The company

The Lucia Lacarra Ballet is a new and exciting initiative that fuses the artistic skill and creative vision of Lucia Lacarra with the beauty and power of classical ballet.

The Company, composed of a cast of 10 dancers, was born with the intention of maintaining the highest standards of artistic excellence and professionalism. The main objective is to thrill, inspire, and move new generations of dance lovers.

Lucia Lacarra Ballet

Lost letters