The activities that are part of the Liceu's social program aim to:

  • Offer accessible, emotionally and personally transformative experiences.
  • Facilitate access to the Grand Theater for groups with disabilities and other needs by designing specific projects.
  • Provide a pleasant and meaningful artistic experience to attendees.
  • Value the integration of all groups.
  • Promote and energize cultural activities for people with special needs.
òpera a l'abast

Opera InReach

Do you want to discover opera in a different way? 

Come to an engaging presentation about an opera from the season with live performances by musicians from the Liceu Orchestra, and conclude the experience by enjoying a rehearsal at the Theater. 

This activity is aimed at social entities and takes place on two different days.

toca liceu

Toca Liceu

If you are a person with visual impairment, or if you have a special interest in discovering the secrets behind the creation of an opera, come to Toca Liceu (Touch Liceu)! 

In a unique way, access the services of the Wardrobe and Characterization departments and, guided by their responsible staff, touch costumes and wigs, experience fabrics, shapes, and textures. 

This activity is intended for social entities.

Assaig de l'Orquestra del Liceu.

Step Inside Liceu

Do you want to discover how the Liceu Choir and Orchestra rehearse? 

We offer you a guided tour of the public spaces of the Theater followed by attending a rehearsal of the Choir or Orchestra in their workspaces. 

Reserve a spot for your group and experience the lesser-known side of the Liceu.

taller tea

TEA Workshops

Introduce your child to singing and opera with family workshops tailored for children with autism spectrum disorder, based on some of the family shows at Petit Liceu. 

The workshops are designed as a preview of the show through shared games, movement, discovery of music, and characters with instruments and stimulating elements.

It is recommended to complete the experience by attending a performance.

funcions relaxades

Relaxed performances

Imagine performanes with less strict rules on light, noise, and movement. 

Relaxed performances avoid absolute darkness in the room, don't demand complete silence, and feature a rest area with sensory materials, along with summaries of the shows projected onto screens using pictograms. 

They are open to everyone, including individuals with autism, cognitive difficulties, Alzheimer's, or families with babies.

apropa cultura

Apropa Cultura

The Liceu is part of the Apropa Cultura social program with the aim of facilitating access to the world of opera and classical music for people in vulnerable situations, making inclusion a reality through cultural experience; awakening new sensations and developing capacities. 

The Theatre makes all its programming and activities available to social entities that are part of it, at symbolic prices. The program is aimed at people with physical, auditory, visual, intellectual, mental health disabilities, and autism spectrum disorder. Also, people in vulnerable contexts (addictions, women in vulnerable situations, the elderly, childhood and adolescence, LGTBI, chronic illnesses, ethnic minorities, migrants, people deprived of liberty, refugees, poverty, or people experiencing homelessness. 

Those who benefit from the program occupy seats in the Stalls or the Amphitheater.


Rhythms in companionship

Do you believe music is healing? 

The Ritmes en companyia (Rhythms in companionship) program provides access to mental health hospitalization centers to offer musical workshops to admitted users.

This initiative is aimed at individuals with severe mental disorders and includes 12 sessions of musical experimentation, as well as visits from orchestra musicians who engage in conversation and music sharing. It also includes a subsequent outing to a cultural scenic event outside the hospital or rehabilitation center.