Regulations applying to the audience

Punctuality and admission
Performances start punctually. Out of respect for the performers and audience, please arrive in good time. Admission to the Auditorium (including boxes and anterooms) is not permitted after the performance has begun or after it has resumed following an intermission. Members of the audience will be allowed to enter the Auditorium from stairways, corridors and lobbies once the doors to the theatre itself are closed. 
Members of the audience who arrive after the show has begun may watch it in the Espai Liceu projection room or on the monitors in the Foyer.

Programme changes
The Gran Teatre del Liceu reserves the right to cancel performances or to change the announced dates, times, programmes and casts when the indisposition of performers, technical problems, or force majeure make this necessary. 

Changes of seat
The Gran Teatre del Liceu reserves the right to exchange tickets already sold for others in the same or a better area if justifiable and unavoidable circumstances related to organization or to technical, production or recording factors make this necessary. 

Recording and photography
No photography, filming or recording is allowed in the Auditorium during performances.

Children under 5 are not admitted to performances not intended for child audiences.

Mobile phones
Mobile phones and all kinds of alarms must be turned off before the performance begins and before entering the Auditorium.

Objects on balustrades
Members of the audience may not place objects (such as coats, programmes, glasses or opera  glasses) on the balustrades of tiers and boxes. It is also forbidden to sit on the balustrades.

Smoke-free area
In accordance with Law 28/2005 of 26 December 2005 governing health measures against smoking, no smoking is allowed anywhere in the Theatre.
Seat allocation
Members of the audience must sit in the seat indicated on their ticket. They may not change seats or move around during performances. 
It is not permitted to stand in the passageways in the Auditorium during performances.
Food and drink
Eating and drinking are permitted only in the bars. No food of any kind may be brought into the building (even into the anterooms to the boxes).
Eating or drinking is not permitted in the Auditorium.

Items that must be left in the cloakroom
Members of the audience who do not have tickets to boxes with anterooms must leave all bags, rucksacks, umbrellas, helmets, etc. in the cloakroom.

Throwing flowers 
For reasons of safety, bunches of flowers may not be thrown onto the stage. We suggest that single flowers be thrown instead.

Prohibited objects
It is not permitted to bring lamps, cameras or banners on sticks into the Auditorium.

Guide dogs for the Visually Impaired
Guide dogs for the visually impaired may be present in the Auditorium during performances. 
Members of the audience are asked to refrain from making any noise during the performance. Coughing and other sounds may disturb the performers and other members of the audience.
Auditorium staff
The Auditorium staff are authorized by the Liceu management to ensure that the audience abide by the regulations and guarantee the quality of theatre services. Only the Auditorium staff may remain in the passageways, move around the Auditorium or enter or leave it during the performance.

Right of admission
The Fundació del Gran Teatre del Liceu reserves the right to refuse admission.