A journey through the virtuosity of the viola

In this programme, we are presenting the two viola soloists from our orchestra: Alejandro Garrido and Albert Coronado. 

Under the musical direction of Dani Espasa, we will travel through the virtuosity of the viola, from the last of Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos, number 6, written for two solo violas and chamber orchestra, to the modern reference of these concertos, the Kammermusik of his modern compatriot Paul Hindemith, this time number 5 for solo viola. 

In the middle is the classical concerto by Austrian composer Franz Anton Hoffmeister, who wrote so brilliantly for this instrument. 

Constellations Series

This season we start a new series of chamber orchestra concerts with the aim of showcasing to audiences the musicians in the orchestra as soloists to show their virtuoso facet and connect their faces and their art. 

We call it Constellations, a pattern of stars in the musical firmament that connecting us with the Liceu’s entrance doors.  
For this first instalment, we are introducing the names and faces of four virtuosos of instruments that are infrequently seen as soloists in the concert world, namely the viola and the double bass. We will also enjoy again the quality of the excellent Liceu Brass ensemble. 

  • Approximate running time 1h
Viola Soloists
Albert Coronado and Alejandro Garrido
Dani Espasa

November 2023


Franz Anton Hoffmeister
Concerto for viola and chamber orchestra in B-flat major

Paul Hindemith
Concerto for viola, op. 36, No. 4 (Kammermusik No. 5)

Johann Sebastian Bach
Brandenburg Concert No. 6, BWV 1051, B-flat major