Dreams, fantasy and reality come together in this magical show

Puppets and jazz. We’ve brought them together to tell you the fascinating story of The Nutcracker.

This new present-day version takes a plural, inclusive view of the classic.

To find the Karakatuk, the hardest nut in the world: that’s the challenge faced by Daniela and her mother, Mrs Drossel, in their bid to rescue Piri from the spell the Queen of the Mice has cast on him. The brave, determined Daniela finishes up turning into a wooden nutcracker, but she never stops being herself, or being who she wants to be. It will be no easy task.

Dreams, fantasy and reality come together in this magical show, seen at close quarters, in which music from a jazz band blends with the delicate art of puppetry.

Recommended for ages 5 and up

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  • Approximate running time 55min

Artistic profile

Piotr Ílitx Txaikovski
Stage director and dramaturgy
Joan M. Segura
Direction and musical coordination
Toni Vaquer
Glòria Arrufat, Paulette San Martín, Núria Olivé
Set design and puppets
Martí Doy
Costume design
Paulette San Martín
Lighting design
Ivo G. Suñé
Ensemble Conservatori Liceu
Musical arrangements
Estudiants i Alumni del Centre Superior de la Fundació Conservatori Liceu
Tomas Amat, Juan Pastor, Enric Fuster Coll, Carmela Cristos Font, Alba Ramírez, Mauro García Flores, Fran Ramos, Guillem Payarò, Elsa Armengou and Aurora Matías Vejer.
Organized through cooperation between the Gran Teatre del Liceu, the Fundació Ferrer-Salat and the Fundació Conservatori del Liceu, which aims to foster the participation of young musicians and creative artists from the Centre Superior de Música, Fundació Conservatori del Liceu.
Fundació Música Ferrer-Salat

December 2023

April 2024


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April 2024

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