Hollywood Symphony Orchestra

May the Force be with you in this iconic orchestral concert

When Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope premiered in 1977, its unforgettable characters, visual spectacle, and mythic storytelling captured the imagination of movie-goers around the world.

Whether it’s Ewoks, Jedis or Padawans, John Williams has brought us through battles, across the night sky and out into space. So, for awesome adventures and spine-tingling moments, hold on to your seat and come along for the ride!

In this sci-fi inspired concert, the Hollywood Symphony Orchestra presents a futuristic performance, filled with John Williams’ classic and enduring musical scores.

Find yourself venturing through timeless pieces including: Star Wars: Main Theme, Imperial March, The Force Awakens: Suite, The Return of the Jedi: Parade of the Ewoks, The Empire Strikes Back: The Asteroid Field, Anakin’s Theme, Princess Leia’s Theme… and many more.

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