Salvador Sobral's highly anticipated return to the music scene

Timbre marks Salvador Sobral's highly anticipated return to the music scene. The fourth studio album by the Portuguese musician includes 11 new original songs, with 10 of them written in collaboration with Leo Aldrey, who also produced the album.

The lead single, a surprising duet with Jorge Drexler released on April 14th, serves as the first preview of the album, which will be released at the end of September.

"The name Timbre arose for two main reasons. The first, perhaps the most obvious, is that, above all in this life, I am a singer, an interpreter, and what defines and distinguishes me the most is my voice, my timbre. The second reason is my interest in the concept of timbre as a color, the color of the voice, the color of instruments. The album will be like a colorful palette of timbres that bring forth clarity.

Oh! And there is a third reason for the album's name, which is that 'timbre' is pronounced the same way in many Latin and Germanic languages. It is spelled the same and means the same thing. It seems that the concept of Timbre is universal, and we all agree on it."

Salvador Sobral

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